Behind the Camera


David Nicholas Wilkinson (director/producer/ presenter)

David Nicholas Wilkinson was the director, producer, co-writer and presenter of

THE FIRST FILM and executive producer of HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD and ALL THE WILD HORSES. He has produced over 20 documentaries and distributed a number of others including Alex Gibney’s ZERO DAYS. He began as an actor in 1970, but in 1982, pioneered the Reverse Co-Production with the BBC for TO THE LIGHTHOUSE and effectively became the first true independent producer to work with the Corporation. From 1998-2016, he distributed British & Irish films only in the cinema, on DVD, etc.


Jon Walker (editor)

Jon Walker has edited dozens of documentaries across a wide range of subjects and recent projects include HORIZON: GOODBYE CASSINI - HELLO SATURN, CHINA: BETWEEN CLOUDS AND DREAMS (a five part series) and the BAFTA nominated BAKA - A CRY FROM THE RAINFOREST.


Michael Bradsell (editor)

Michael Bradsell has edited some of Britain’s most successful films. In 2017 the BFI’s Sight & Sound produced a Top 50 of the greatest feature documentaries of all time. Michael Bradsell is the only editor to have two films on that list – THE WAR GAME and CULLODEN. Other films include SCUM, WILDE, THAT’LL BE THE DAY, THE BOYFRIEND, THE DEVILS, WOMEN IN LOVE, LOCAL HERO, JABBERWOCKY, HENRY V. He came out of retirement just to work on this film.


Don McVey ( DOP and Executive Producer)

Don McVey was the DOP on Wilkinson’s directorial debut, THE FIRST FILM. He also directed his own short film, THE PRICE OF LOVE, which Wilkinson produced. This screened on the Independent and Telegraph websites and on RT. It was nominated for the Liberty Human Rights Award.


Emlyn Price (Co-writer)

Emlyn Price is a former actor and writer who has worked with David Nicholas Wilkinson over the last 25 years, writing a number of screenplays, educational films, corporate productions, documentaries and books.


Bill Lawrence (Executive Producer)

Bill Lawrence worked with David Nicholas Wilkinson on THE FIRST FILM. He was the Head of Film at the National Media Museum in Bradford. He set up the Braford International Film Festival, Bite the Mango and the Bradford Amimation Festival. He sat on the board of both Screen Yorkshire and Creative England.


Chris Barnett (Composer)

Christopher Barnett has composed scores for independent films and documentaries which have broadcast on BBC, Film4, Channel 4, ITV, SKY and Horror Channel. Many have been nominated/awarded at prestigious international film festivals, the BAFTA nominated A COCK & BULL STORY, a notable example. He has worked previously with David Nicholas Wilkinson on the documentaries, ALL THE WILD HORSES and THE FIRST FILM, for which he was awarded Best Original Score for a Documentary in the TMT Media Awards 2015.